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Average rating:  
 14 reviews
by julie buck on LiveFit

This is my son's second summer training with Jake and he absolutely loves it!! Jake is great at doing exercises that address the sports he plays and while he is worked hard he is also having fun. He does the youth classes also and really enjoys them. Jake is helpful when booking appointments and has lots of time to offer.

Thank you for the wonderful testimonial, Julie! We are happy to hear your son is enjoying his training at LiveFIT with Jake! We agree that Jake does a fantastic job with all of his clients and is willing to make time for everyone!

by Carol Summersgill on LiveFit
Fabulous boutique facility - great experience!

My husband and I joined LiveFit over 6 months ago and we love the welcoming atmosphere, personal touches and sense of community that this gym/facility provides. We prefer to work out early morning and the trainers, schedule, availability and everything about it are perfect for us. The trainers are knowledgeable and helpful at scaling the workouts to individual levels of ability. The fee structure is great and the ability to get in a class easily with out large crowds is one of the best aspects. Jen and her team are to be commended. I would recommend this wonderful gem of a gym to anyone!

by Crystal Barnswell on LiveFit
Would highly reccomend!

My son is in the 10 and up class with Jordan, and we couldn't be more impressed! He has come so far already in terms of his confidence, strength and ability. Jordan is amazing with the kids! They get a great workout, and learn so much from him. My son loves it, and looks forward to it each day!

by Bonnie Rucker on LiveFit
Personal Trainer

I am working with Kerri...and she is the best...I'm an older woman so I like how she works with me, in my ability to do any of the exercises. And she's definitely not boring...she changes up the routine and the exercises....I'm working hard and looking forward to seeing results.

by Theresa Tocco on LiveFit

My partner and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LiveFit! We have trained mostly with John & Jake and can't say enough about them--they are both encouraging, patient and push us just enough that we leave feeling like we got a great workout! The online booking is very convenient and we haven't had a problem fitting PT into our busy schedules. We highly recommend LiveFit!

by nicole stover on LiveFit

I cannot recommend LiveFIT enough. I am only on my third week here with a small group personal training and John is a very patient trainer making sure your form is correct and you are doing your exercise correctly.

The flexibility of late night classes are wonderful for Moms who need to get out and work around their children's schedules.

by Matt Harrison on LiveFit

My 11 year old son just began taking classes at LiveFit. Not only is it challenging him physically, but he is having a blast doing it! Thanks to his instructor Jen Bruns for being great with him!

by Tom Dixon on LiveFit

The classes at LiveFIT and personal training with John have helped me lose almost 60 pounds, get off of all my medications, and be in the best shape of my life. I'm doing things now I couldn't do before because of my health, and that makes the work all worth it. I can't say enough good things about John and LiveFIT.

by Jamie Ulrich on LiveFit

Let's just start with this...I have NEVER been a workout person. The thought of working out made me cringe. I knew I needed to make a change for my family and more importantly me. I started strength training in February with John and haven't stopped yet. The workouts are hard, but when it's over I can say I did it. I can honestly say that I have never been so proud of myself. After losing 25 pounds in 5 months I can say this is an addiction that I will continue to enjoy.
And a special thanks to John and Jen for helping me along the way.

by Alyssa Mohler on LiveFit

I am SO glad I began to incorporate LiveFit into my busy schedule. Being a college student, I found it hard to find time and motivation to work out during my internship. LiveFit has very flexible hours and allows me to schedule personal training sessions whenever I can. I have even gained strength and confidence that I never thought I could achieve!

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