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Personal Training 1 on 1:  
Work 1 on 1 with one of our experienced certified personal trainers in a private setting to establish a customized fitness program designed specifically for your needs.  The trainer will assess your physical condition, and will assist you in setting specific health and fitness goals.  You will begin with a free consultation and an assessment to create YOUR customized fitness program.


Personal Training 1 on 2:
Have fun with a friend while working out as a duo with one of our certified personal trainers and receive the same personal attention at a lower cost. The trainer will assess your physical condition, and will assist you in setting specific health and fitness goals.  You will begin with a free consultation and an assessment to create YOUR customized fitness program.


Small Group Personal Training: 
Our small group personal training is designed for 3-6 people. This is an excellent opportunity to work out with friends and help keep you accountable. There really is strength in numbers!


Accelerator Training:
30 minutes of high intensity cardio and resistance training working with another person. This high intensity Accelerator Training is designed to give you the maximum benefit in a short amount of time! This training will be facilitated by one of our experienced certified personal trainers.


Create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body, while increasing flexibility.  Yoga can help lessen chronic pain such as arthritis, lower back pain, headaches and carpal tunnel as well as providing numerous other physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.


Pilates is a method of exercise that lengthens and strengthens all of the major muscle groups in the body, helps improve muscular and postural strength. Also increases flexibility strength and body awareness. Gentle on joints and most movements are low impact. Pilates is an intelligent exercise that focuses on the powerhouse.


Leverages own body weight and the force of gravity to develop strength, balance, endurance, coordination, and core stability. TRX training engages the core on every exercise and can provide cardio fitness in every workout.


Youth Programs 

2-5 Years: 
Motor skill development does not always occur “naturally.”  We will “Play with a Purpose.” Our purpose is to enhance motor skill development through fundamental movement patterns while having fun!

Stay tuned for more info/classes….


6-9 Years: 
We will continue to further promote fundamental movement patterns.  Children will be exposed to basic fitness concepts in a fun and engaging manner that will promote both locomotor and objective control skills, as well as upper and lower body muscular strength/endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance.  Stay tuned for more info/classes….


10-13 Years: 
As children transition into adolescence, their developmental status (both for maturation and skill levels) becomes increasingly important in further advancing overall development and athletic potential.  Children will work on higher levels of fundamental locomotor skills that will further develop strength, power, agility and movement skill.  These types of activities promote the development of dynamic joint stability, dynamic balance, core stabilization, and overall athletic potential.  Of greater importance, these types of activities prepare the young athlete for more intense sport participation and reduce the potential for sport-related injuries.


14+ Years: 
If a young athlete is adequately prepared in his or her physical development (i.e. coordination skill, foundational muscle strength, muscle endurance, and agility), then he or she will be able to better adapt to increased training intensities and progress in training complexity.  Athlete at this point will have the increased ability to develop muscle mass at an increased pace (especially in boys). This will be an added benefit to continued optimal progression and performance.


Youth Strength Training: 
The class will emphasis the importance of proper technique and safety while increasing muscle strength and endurance in a fun environment. Whether you’re looking for greater sports performance or helping build self-esteem, strength training is a great solution.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.


High School: 
At this age level the athlete will focus on more specific skills they would like to improve upon (i.e. Improve their vertical jump, increase power, increase speed).  A specialized program will be set up for the athlete to achieve their specific skills to help achieve their specific goals.


Team Training: 
We would be happy to help you set up a training program to help your team achieve their goals.


Small group trainings at LiveFIT known as “ENROLLMENTS” are becoming very popular.

REDUCED COST: Enrollments give you the attention of personal training at a reduced cost (since you’re sharing it with your friends).

FLEXIBILITY: Another great benefit of an enrollment is the flexibility. Your group gets to choose: how many people you want to workout with (the more people, the lower the cost per session), what you want your workout to focus on, how long you want your workouts to last and how many days a week you want to workout.

FUN: The fun of working out with a small group can keep you excited about your fitness journey and seeing results. Not only will you have fun working out with your friends, you will also have fun working out with a great trainer.

EXAMPLES: Enrollments are for everyone. Some examples include: strength training for adults, yoga for runners, speed/agility for soccer, speed/strength/agility for baseball, SURFSET training for all sports, cross training for runners.

Give us a call today at 419-482-8175 to discuss setting up an enrollment for your small group.


If you have any questions about our point system and scheduling classes, please contact us.