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Category Archives: Training Tips

6 Reasons Hiring a Personal Trainer is Worth the Money

Is hiring a personal trainer really worth the money? There are millions of articles out that can explain to you the benefits of hiring a personal trainer (one of them is below). But, ultimately this question can really only be answered by YOU. You need to make the decision to help yourself. A personal trainer […]

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When should my child begin strength training?

Generally, if your child is ready to participate in organized sports or activities such as baseball, soccer, or gymnastics, it is usually safe to start strength training. A child’s strength-training program shouldn’t just be a scaled-down version of an adult’s weight training program. A trainer who has experience in working with kids should design a […]

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A little Friday afternoon humor…

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Life is Stressful

Life in general can be very stressful. Science says, exercise helps…. How Exercise Helps Depression And Anxiety “I’ve been active much of my life but have also struggled with depression from a young age,” says Kris Cameron, ACE-certified personal trainer and owner of ReNu Your Life—Mobile Personal Training & Wellness in Iowa City, Iowa. “About […]

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What are the best types of exercise for getting rid of belly fat? All exercise will burn calories and lower insulin levels, so from that perspective any exercise is better than none. However, short, intense exercise and slow, relaxing long-duration exercise may be best. Short, intense exercise elevates testosterone and human growth hormone—along with cortisol […]

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