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LiveFit_clr2 came from a passion for sports and fitness.  It is designed as a private personal training facility for all ages, genders, and fitness levels.  We only employ experienced certified personal trainers and fitness instructors that will provide you with the knowledge and guidance needed to reach your desired goals.  At LiveFIT you will be given the opportunity to obtain your desired goals through individually designed personal training sessions and various small group fitness classes.

LiveFit_clr2 also offers classes and training sessions for youth of all ages.  Youth training has been proven to help promote the development of dynamic joint stability, dynamic balance, core stabilization, and increase youth’s overall athletic performance.  Continual youth training has been known to reduce the risk of common injuries such as ankle sprains, various knee injuries, lower back issues, and other sports related injuries.  When your child enrolls in a training program at LiveFIT they will be taught the basic fundamentals of youth training that will secure a foundation for their future success.  Once a foundation is established, continual training with LiveFIT will allow your child to achieve their desired fitness and/or specific athletic goals.  The training your youth will receive from LiveFIT will give them the confidence and the ability needed to perform at a higher level, both mentally and physically.  LiveFIT will strive to show all youth how to have fun while improving their sports skills, increasing their physical activity, and ultimately teach them to “Play With a Purpose!”

Looking back at my own athletic performances, I often wonder how I could have improved on those performances if I had invested in a specialized program to increase my strength, speed, and agility.   When that investment is made with the programs offered through facilities like LiveFIT, all aspects of your performance are sure to improve, while learning to live a healthy lifestyle.  I have also been through the “Post-Athletic” part of life where the workouts were no longer made mandatory. Practices, games, and meets were over and I had to find the motivation to work out on my own even though I had been physically active my whole life. I have been through the rigorous sport performance workouts, to the demanding workouts to lose weight. Through all of these experiences, I have gained a passion to assist everyone in achieving their personal fitness goals at every level.

At LiveFit_clr2 we have programs for everyone no matter your age or fitness level!  We pride ourselves at LiveFIT to give you the personal attention needed to reach your desired goals.  LiveFIT is not your ordinary fitness facility.  At LiveFIT your goals become our goals and our personal trainers take a vested interest in your success.  LiveFIT will provide you with the ability and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals and give you the opportunity to make “Fitness is a Lifestyle, not a destination!”