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154 LBS

Clients will ask me how much I weigh. They are often surprised when I tell them my weight. I have heard responses such as “You do not look like you weigh that much!” Or, “You must have a lot of muscle!” I know these are all compliments, and in the past I would never want to share “my number.” It took me a very long time to be comfortable with “the number” I hover around.
As we all know you can weigh “a number” in the morning and this “number” can change by evening. I saw this picture and thought this is a perfect picture to display how someone’s weight is “just a number!” If you have several pounds you would like to lose, the scale can be exciting to step on and see “the number” go down, but today I would just like you all to look at this picture and realize the number is not the most important thing to worry about when you are looking at yourself! Make great eating choices, get out and enjoy the fresh air and MOVE! Have a GREAT Day!!!

154 LBS

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